Ovine kidney, David Garnick
elcome. I’m an artist and a scientist. My artistic work explores our relationships with objects, using visual styles of the past to emphasize the iconic and timeless nature of things natural and manufactured.

Also, I help scientists and labs improve their imaging capabilities for research, forensics, and teaching. In addition to advising on proper lighting equipment and techniques, I can help you develop your close–up, macro, and extreme macro photography capabilities for taking high quality images of subject matter as small as one millimeter. I use, and can introduce you to computer tethering, focus stacking, and photomacrography.

This blog is a way of sharing what I know, and what I learn as I continue to work in my studio and with labs. Each post will address a single challenge, such as how to photograph shiny surfaces, or how to use camera settings for capturing sharp images. My goal is to be pragmatic, focusing more on solutions than theory.

Let me know your thoughts and questions. I look forward to your input as I share my experience.

By the way — I chose a T Rex as the article end mark because I’ve developed an extreme macro photography platform that looks a bit like the dinosaur. I’ll be writing about the design and use of the platform.